New Mexico's New Booming Cannabis Industry

Posted by Tyler Heeman on

With changes in regulation around cannabis. there is no better time in the history of New Mexico to start thinking about getting involved in the local cannabis industry. In 2021 HB2 was signed into law by Gov. Grisham. 

For the last 10+ years the ever growing cannabis industry has been put in the hands of a few very well established individuals. They have done a pretty good job at turning New Mexico from a black market state into a burgeoning legal access state. We started as an archaic non brick and mortar "courier only" system. Back in the day there were many problems with this. But the state and dispensaries learned together and constantly pushed the boundaries of the lynn and erin compassionate use act. We saw expansion in in the number of legal producer licenses allowed and the number of plants they were allowed to grow. We saw the implementation of on site cannabis dispensaries and the explosion of different manufacturing companies. All these changes were a step in the right direction but nothing truly solved the major issue of exclusivity.

With the passing of HB2, New Mexico not only solved this issue but put increased focus and effort into making sure that we would never run into the same issues again. With HB2 there is emphasis placed on making sure that local entrepreneurs from impoverished communities affected by the war on drugs would stand a fighting chance at opening their own cannabis business'. 

The state implemented a tiered licensing program which significantly cuts down the barriers to entry to the cannabis industry. With affordable micro licenses almost anybody in the state can feasibly begin thinking of joining this brand new industry full of potential.

The state also added sections in the application process to outline Social and Economic reform plans. This highlights the states willingness to make sure the keys to this brand new industry don't all fall in the hands of the "haves" and not the "have nots".

New Mexicos new legal market is brand new and there will always be adjustments and learning curves to deal with, but in terms of where our program is starting. it is miles ahead of what we have seen in Cali, Colorado, Washington, etc.

Props to New Mexico and Props to the Growers!

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